Daria Hardeman

Interviewed by Backstage in 2005 about what to wear when auditioning…

Daria Hardeman, a hip and busy actor with Broadway (“The Full Monty”) and Off-Broadway (“Bat Boy”) credits and a recurring role as Shalike White on TV’s “Third Watch,” visits Back Stage’s offices dressed in a simple but flattering black wrap over a tight-knit, formfitting white T-shirt and jeans.

She wrote: “I’ve been just winging it. I’ve lucked out a few times. Gotten some good credits, but I really have no idea what I should be doing. I show up to auditions and all the girls are in their little audition outfits. And I’m thinking, ‘They must know something I don’t know.’ And I wonder who’s passing out the secrets. I’m constantly kicking myself at auditions, thinking, ‘Man, I should’ve worn something else!’ or ‘Did I talk too much in the audition?’ With all the training I’ve had, I’ve never been taught the details about what to do in the room — other than to sing/act my butt off, of course.”

Brys notes that Hardeman comes off as having a lot of pizzazz and fashion sense, but the actor is nonetheless concerned about what she should do when she has several unrelated auditions on the same day.

“Dressing in layers, like you’re dressed now, with the knit white tee capped by the black surplice knit top, shows flexibility and can work well. You can slip things on and off from one audition to the next one later in the day. Another suggestion: Carry a jacket or sweater you can wear over your shoulders or maybe tie around your waist. This can work for men, too. Select accessories that give you flexibility. That flexibility is critical in creating the right look for you.”

Hardeman says she often comes to auditions wearing a large, funky coat, which Brys believes can work in her favor, showcasing her strong sense of style and who she is.

The actor is well aware of the importance of taking into account what the casting people are seeking and making necessary adjustments. Hardeman tells Brys that not long ago, she went to an audition for a commercial. She was taken aback when a “clueless” director called her the following day, noting that she would be fine for the role “but didn’t think I would work out because of my hair. ‘Could you change your hair?’ he asked. Of course I could — and would — straighten it for the commercial.”

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