Bern Cohen

Bern is a Native New Yorker, having been raised in Manhattan’s Chinatown. His family moved from Chinatown’s Alfred E. Smith Projects to a home in Valley Stream, Long Island where Bern entered secondary school and was introduced to acting. After attending Adelphi University on a full scholarship for acting and academics, Bern had early success as an off-Broadway actor, working with Mercedes Ruehl, Paul Price, Samuel L. Jackson and others. He also has two Masters Degrees, Columbia University and City University of New York.

At 27, Bern left acting due to parenting responsibilities and went into education. Years later,, Bern retired as a high school principal and returned to acting but first did four semesters of Camera Acting classes at New York’s Penny Templeton Studio to refresh his skills. He sent out his resume/head shot and has been busy since, shooting over a hundred movies and TV shows with principal, supporting and lead roles. since 2005.

A sample of his movie roles includes scenes with Sean Penn (This Must Be The Place), Richard Gere and Steve Buscemi (Norman), Fran Drescher and Justin Long (Safe Spaces), Joe Bologna (Tango Shalom), Henry Ian Cusick and Ever Carradine (Frank vs. God), Lena Olin (Devil You Know) and others. As of this writing (8/2019), Bern has recurring roles in three TV production, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, POWER, and Jon Glaser Loves Gear.

Bern lives in NY but has a house in NM, resulting in periodic New Mexico movie work in addition to his East Coast activities. With two children and three grandchildren under five, Bern also has an active family life.

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Actor Every Day a Visitor (2013) 2013-14 Season