Anthony Gaglione

From a review in Backstage, February 21, 2001

Rather new to the cabaret scene, with a sensational pop-tenor voice, singer Anthony Gaglione brought his recent show “Bridges” to The Duplex. Directed by Gerry Geddes and musical-directed by Gerry Dieffenbach, it turned into a real hit because Gaglione is so aware of who he is. That facility established a throughline about a funny, sensitive guy.

The affable, self-effacing singer brought his audience on a journey of original songs and covers bridging parts of his life in a most endearing way. Recalling pop singers from the 1970s and ’80s, his is a soaring pop sound that is totally in sync with the melody and the lyric. Every song is sung “in the moment,” making it personalized and heartfelt.

For instance, a compelling original ballad about lost love called “Make It on Your Own” sent out a positive message that said, “Believe in your dreams and one day you can make it on your own.” It was evident, a part of Gaglione’s life was poured into that tune. A potent “You Are Here,” written by Gaglione and Gerry Geddes, about the little things that go into loving someone who is not here, was trenchant with emotion and ultimate optimism, creating his best moment.

If I were going to quibble, I might suggest fewer hand gestures and less-predictable set-ups to his songs. After all, Gaglione’s got a lot going for him. With some fine-tuning he might just make it.

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