Angela Jackson

Angela Jackson is native of Mississippi who is known for her rich talent and wonderful versatility in writing literature.  She has written many volumes of poems, several short stories, plays, and a popular romance novel.  Although she is very versatile, Angela is best known for her talent in writing poetry.  Her use of metaphors and intensive language is admired by many, and she is also very well known as an incredible reader in public of her own poetry and stories.

Angela was born in Greenville, Mississippi,on July 25, 1951.  She was the fifth child of George and Angeline Jackson, and  four siblings  followed her.  Angela spent her earliest years living in Greenville, but her family later moved to Chicago, Illinois.  She stayed in Chicago during college and attended its prestigious Northwestern University, where she was influenced by Mississippi writer Margaret Walker, who was a visiting professor at the time. Jackson graduated from NU’s College of Arts and Sciences in 1977. During the 1970’s in Chicago, Jackson became one of the most desired readers and performers because she was able to master the art of pause and rhythm during a performance.

Jackson is also very well known for her involvement in Chicago’s Organization of Black American Culture (OBAC).  The influence of this organization has had a great effect on Jackson’s writing.  Its main goal was to advance “the conscious development and articulation of Black Aesthetic.”  Members are encouraged to express in words the “Black Experience” and also pay attention to and focus on the works of other African American authors. –Mississippi Writers & Musicians

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