Ademola Olugebefola

Ademola Olugebefola, born Bedwick L.Thomas in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, came to the states when he was five years old. He moved to Harlem in 1966 right in the middle of the Civil Rights Movement where he found art to be extremely liberating. Ademola and the WEUSI Artist Collective were warriors in the Black Arts Movement and strongly believed in the philosophy “Black Art for Black People.” He expressed in an interview in 2012 that “there was a need to deconstruct stereotypes that had still been lingering since enslavement” and so it was his and the Black Arts Movement’s mission to set out to “beautify women, regalize the black man and our images, promote the culture the beauty of brilliance of color within the African tradition.”

Ademola Olugebefola is one of the founding members of the WEUSI Artist Collective. Weusi, a Swahili word meaning blackness, was established in Harlem in 1965. Black artist, like Ademola, decided to take control of their image and come together to represent themselves in their art, by using iconic images and symbols from Africa, and working collectively by establishing galleries to exhibit and sell their creations.

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Set Designer Real Black Men Don’t Sit Cross Legged on the Floor 2005-06 Season
Set Designer Moon on a Rainbow Shawl 2006-07 Season
Set Designer Sweet Mama Stringbean 2007-08 Season
Set Designer The Fabulous Miss Marie 2013-14 Season